Teaming up with Ashoka

In an effort to bring our customers something delightfully different, we’re teaming up with local independent curry house Ashoka - Sheffield’s oldest Indian restaurant.

27th July 2020, by Deepak, in Community

Established in 1967, Ashoka is known for its array of delicious dishes, cooked in a wood-smoked tandoor and combining traditional Indian flavours with culinary creativity to deliver a contemporary twist on a classic cuisine.

Seeking to introduce a unique pizza experience, our new collaboration will see two entirely different cuisines unite, when Ashoka’s famous Taxi Driver Curry meets our smoked mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh red onion and authentic Neapolitan pizza dough to deliver a flavour like no other.

“I can’t even get close to describing how good this pizza is. The Taxi Driver Curry is my go-to dish every time I visit Ashoka, so I knew we just had to find a way to marry it up with some of our ingredients.”

— Deepak Jaiswal, Proove Director

The limited-edition pizza, available from 1st – 31st August, is so good, in fact, that we’ve decided it would be cruel to deprive anyone from tasting it, which is why it’s being rolled out across our Sheffield AND our Didsbury sites!

Priced at £12.50, from 1st August, customers will be able to order the Taxi Driver Pizza whether they’re dining in, taking out, or ordering for delivery. And the best bit? We’ll be donating a slice of the revenues generated by Taxi Driver Pizza sales to St. Luke’s Hospice, as part of our contribution to the community throughout August – that’s a £2.50 donation from every sale!

So, what’s the story behind Ashoka’s famous Taxi Driver Curry?

“There’s a taxi rank across the road from the restaurant, and one of the drivers would park up outside and wait for fares, so we’d often see him around and say hello,” says Ashoka Director, Rahul Amin. “We later learned that his wife had passed away a few years prior. One day, he came to us with the request for a specific dish – one that his wife used to make for him. We obliged, and set our hands to the task, tweaking his meal over the period of a few weeks in order to get it just right for him; just the way his wife would cook it.

“Whenever he came in to place his order with us, we’d go to the kitchen and shout ‘Taxi Driver Curry!’ to the chefs. Diners in the restaurants would hear this, and soon began enquiring about the dish, with many diners choosing to order it. Over time, the popularity of the dish grew, and we ended up getting phone calls from people enquiring about it. We decided to include it in our menu, and it’s now one of the most popular curries we sell! It’s lovely to know that with every order, the memory of the taxi driver’s wife is honoured. And now her recipe has found a new lease of life, jumping across continents to find itself rebirthed as a delicious pizza topping!”.

Does the Taxi Driver Pizza sound right up your street? Place your order for delivery via City Grab or Deliveroo, or book your table with us using our online portal, and you could be enjoying this new taste sensation in no time!