The most popular takeaway dish in Sheffield!

We’re over the moon to read about The Star journalist, Madison Burgess' experience in our Broomhill restaurant…

4th August 2022, by Deepak, in General news

As Deliveroo celebrates their seventh year of food delivery in Sheffield, we were pretty thrilled with their newly released data – which revealed that the most popular takeaway dish in the city of Sheffield was our very own margarita pizza!

The Star journalist, Madison Burgess, was keen to try it out for herself – and we’re over the moon to read about her experience in our Broomhill restaurant…

“As soon as you walk into the restaurant on Fulwood Road, you’re greeted by smiling staff and met with a neon sign that reads ‘How you Dough’in?’ Who doesn’t love a good pun?

“The interior has a cosy and warm ambience with lots of warm lighting, making you feel right at home. The smell inside was amazing – if you closed your eyes, you could just about convince yourself you’re in Italy. The restaurant was peppered with students, couples and families, all tucking into delicious looking pizzas. Luckily, we got seated right next to the giant woodfired pizza oven, so I got right up in the action of seeing the food being made. It was the biggest pizza oven I’d ever seen.


Proove's pizzas have won high praise.

“After reading through the menu, we had to go with Sheffield’s most ordered item, the margarita pizza. We also got a garlic bread and some drinks to wash it down. From vegan options, to gluten-free, there is something for everyone. You can even personalise your pizza yourself by pick and mixing toppings.

“It’s a unique experience to watch your food being cooked in front of you. As well as the constant conveyor belt of pizzas being put in the oven, there were never ending brown boxes being sent out for delivery.

“Our food arrived, fresh from the oven and I could instantly tell the difference between this and your average takeaway pizza. The dough melted in your mouth, with just the right amount of cheese and tomato sauce. The garlic bread pizza was the same, it was full of flavour without being overpowering.

“The dough is made with only the best Italian 00-grade Caputo flour, slow-proved for 20 hours and then hand-stretched and it makes all the difference.
Proove’s pizzas have won high praise.
Proove's pizzas have won high praise.

“After devouring the pizzas, we treated ourselves to a look over the dessert menu and had to go for ‘Pizza Dolce’ which was essentially a chocolate pizza. It was the same dough base, smothered in Nutella, coconut, banana and pistachio. It arrived wrapped almost like a crepe.

“We shared it but to be honest I probably could have eaten two, it was so good. It really is food for the soul.

“Overall, it’s easy to see why Proove’s pizza’s are the most ordered in Sheffield. The prices for a single pizza range from £7.70 – £13.10 with the margarita at a reasonable £8.90. That’s the same price as takeaways such as Dominoes, if not cheaper. Why wouldn’t you choose the option that’s woodfired and baked from scratch? It seems like a no brainer.

“Whether you want delicious food delivered to your doorstep or an evening out pretending you’re in Italy, Proove is the place to be.”

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