Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but we’re definitely feeling the love here at Proove!

15th March 2021, by Deepak, in General news

In recent weeks, the Proove-inspired love stories have been flooding our feeds, and we’re absolutely loving it! We’re so glad to see that Proove is still able to be a part of some special memories, with people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and even popping the question over a Proove pizza! 


Two Proove customers with a great love story to tell are Lauren and Oliver from Sheffield, who, after meeting while working in Ibiza together four years ago, when fate placed these two lovebirds in the same apartment block, have some exciting news to share!


Engagement pic


“We’d always spoken about getting married, and I’ve probably been pestering him about it for the last six months, but I never expected our Sunday date night to turn into our engagement!” says Lauren. 


“When Oliver said he would organise a nice meal for us, I just expected one of his staples – maybe something from the freezer. It was when he started to get nervous about how long I was taking to get ready that I thought he might have a trick up his sleeve, and he may have gone for something other than the usual vegan chicken nuggets and chips! 


“When I came downstairs, I was really surprised to find the room all done up, with rose petals on the table and a bottle of champagne on ice. Oliver had cooked up our vegan Proove@Home pizzas, which his mum had gone to collect from the restaurant and stored at the neighbour’s house so that I wouldn’t catch on. Our dogs were even dressed up as little waiters too! 


“He told me to head to the window, and as soon as I was there, he switched on this sign he’d built out in the garden, which lit up with the words Marry me? I couldn’t believe it – it did take a while for it all to sink in!” 


After saying yes, Lauren tucked into her vegan Proove@Home pizza and celebrated with new fiance, Oliver. The couple have hopes of jetting off to Croatia with family and friends next year to tie the knot, and the whole Proove team would like to wish them good luck and a huge congratulations! 


Here are some other special, lovey-dovey moments that we’re happy to have played a part in creating… 




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